Ball Mill
Complate Crushing System

Raw Material Crushing System for Ball Mill


1.  Jaw Crusher 9"x16" No. 1
2.  Belt Conveyor No. 2
3.  Storage Silo No. 1
4.  Rotory Screen No. 1
5.  Hopper and Magnet No. 1

  Electric Motor Requirement of Crushing System

1.  Jaw Crusher        15 HP 1440 RPM (Induction Motor) No. 1
2.  Belt Conveyor   2 HP 960 RPM (Induction Motor) No. 2
3.  Rotory Screen   1 HP 960 RPM (Induction Motor) No. 1
  Jaw Crusher Belt Conveyor Silo  
  Jaw Crusher Belt Conveyor Silo  
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