About Us

Ganesh Engineering Company has been making Mineral Grinding Machinery since 1965.The company is well experienced in manufacturing Ball Mill & 24/150 Mesh Grinding Plant for grinding Quartz and Feldspar.The company owns a Grinding Unit of its own where we develop, test and introduce new technology in the mineral grinding machinery market.We have tried to make our grinding machines pollution proof and also efficient in energy consumption & less labour consuming with the help of our rich experience in this field but at the same time we have made sure that our machines rank high when it comes to production.

Application of Ball Mill and 24/150 Grinding Plant -

Our machines are involved in Grinding of Quartz and Feldspar where our Ball Mill does grinding of Fine Mesh(150-350 Mesh).Our 24/150 Mesh Grinding Plant grinds grain size of 0-9 M.M which finds its application in Ceramic Unit, Gall Industry, Floor and Wall Tile Plant, Sanitary Ware & also as a raw material in many other industry sectors.It is also used as a Filler in Foundries & Steel Plants etc.

Ball Mill -

Ball Mill is best and most efficiently suited for grinding Quartz and Feldspar into Fine Mesh.Inside the Cell lining of Stone Brick is used and for Grinding Stone Pables are used which helps in keeping the Finished Product free from Iron.With the help of Close Circuit System the blower pulls the air and routes it back into the Mill which helps in sending Grinded Fine Particle into the Mesh Separator to make the Finished Product with the Right Mesh and also to gather the dust with the help of Filter Baghouse for discharging Fresh Air.

A) Ball Mill Cell -

Grinding is done by feeding Raw Material lumps(size 1-3 Inches) along with Stone Pables in the Ball Mill Cell.Ball Mill Cell consists of Main Hole and a Feed Hopper and to drive the Mill with Gear and Pinion.

B) Mesh Separator -

Mesh Separator delivers the correst Mesh by separating it from Grinding Powder into the Cyclone and sends back the corus material back to the Mill.

C) Cyclone -

Cyclone gathers and discharges Finished Material for Packing.

D) Blower -

Blower Mill supplies air for lifting the replica watches sale Grinding Material and sucks the air to form Closed Circuit.

E) Pulse Jet Fabric Bag House System -

Its main function is to keep the plant pollution free and to gather the dust with the help of Filter Baghouse for discharging Fresh Air.It consists of a Solonite Valve and controller which cleans the bag through compressed air.

24/150 Mesh Grinding Plant -

This plant finds its application in grinding Quartz, Feldspar and Limestone into Granule form.The mineral lumps are crushed in the Jaw Crusher to replica watches convert them into Granular form. This granule is than stored in Cylo with the help of conveyor belt.Cylo with the help of conveyor belt feeds the grains in disintegrator.The disintegrator grinds the grains by iron bitters and discharges the granule powder between the Gap Rod.The material discharged by the disintegrator is lifted by the elevator and is screened by the rotary screen and the corus material is again fed into the disintegrator by the refit conveyor belt.The screened material is made free from iron by Permanent Magnate and different mesh sized Finished product is readied with the help of Vibrator Screen.The Pulse Jet Fabric Bag House System sucks and gathers the fine dust and polluted air and discharges Fresh air with the help of blower.

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